About Terry Lee Wedding Photographer

Photography: From interest, to hobby, to passion and profession.
All photos taken by Terry (except for the last two), circa 1986

Before Wedding Photographer was even something Terry had even heard of, he had been taking photos since he was a small boy. Back then in the early 80’s cameras were a luxury; certainly children were not allowed to use film cameras but being an inquisitive young boy he was always pestering his parents to use them.



His first proper camera was a Polaroid which was one of those instant developed film cameras. Even though the film was expensive  that did not stop Terry from shooting whatever caught his eye; but because of the expensive film he could not shoot hundreds of photos like you can now with digital. Terry had to choose his shots carefully. This was a very steep learning curve but because he loved it he persisted.

At school, Terry was known as the school shutterbug. There were very few cameras around then, even so Terry was able to get the best out of his friends; he often got them to pose, goof around and just be themselves!


Terry has always been interested in people; he liked learning how people thought and why they behaved in certain ways. By understanding what his friends needed he learnt how to be natural with them and for them to be natural back to him; even with a camera!


All you need to know about Terry is he wants you to be natural around him; he will get the best from you and it will feel perfectly normal. Quite a few of his previous clients are now friends.about-terrylee-wedding-photographer-04

Terry will be taken photos until the very end. You will not find anyone more passionate about capturing the moments that matter.