Terry Lee Photography is different

Camera technology has improved exponentially in the fifteen years I have been a Photographer. These DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras can shoot faster, focus quicker and are more accurate than ever. The camera technology is also cheaper than ever given amateurs more access to high powered equipment.


But there is a catch. Can an amateur photographer really be as good as a Professional Photographer?


With these recent advances in camera equipment, there is a false sense of security by amateur users. Beginner Photographers will set their camera to auto and just shoot, however they do not have the skills of composition, nor do they have the rapport they need to build trust and confidence in their subject; photographing a model is completely different to photographing a family.


An Experienced Photographer will have studied all aspects of the camera, but that is secondary with the knowledge of composing and setting up the shot, adapting to the environment he is in.  


Our world is increasingly digital, but our lives are very much in the real world, and no amount of advanced camera technology will close that gap.


Hiring a Professional Photographer will minimise mistakes, keep calm under pressure and is fully prepared for unexpected. All the camera does is record the moment.


So to answer that big question “Why should I hire a Professional Photographer?” is essentially a Pro will capture that moment when that moment matters, an inexperienced photographer will use luck and chance to photograph the same thing.


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